Shamal Comics

Thousands of years ago, on an island far, far away lived a tribe of men… Thieves, fraudsters and, at their worst, murderers. Their one true obsession was wealth! They wanted it and they wanted plenty of it. Our story starts in the present day but can’t be told without looking into the past. Not much remains of this prehistoric world except the north wind; its dense, moving air remains the same. There is no fighting the fleeting sands as they wind through wadis, twist around trees and ravage the rocks. Animals know when the north winds are coming because they instinctively find shelter! In a time long, long ago this blowing sand swallowed an evil man. It encased his body and trapped it in a pit beneath a swaying tree. The sun had scorched and melted the skin of his face with raw blisters bursting and breaking away by the repeated lashings of the sun and sand. Next to him, his faithful stallion lay, nostrils flaring and desperately fighting for a clear gasp of air, as Mother Earth swallowed them into her forgiving recesses! A living energy that gave life to a single tree in the desert that also fed them -preserving and sustaining these beasts. Over the centuries the man transformed, growing strong and developing supernatural abilities. Normally justice was swift; a sword would enforce the rule of law in the time of the Sanguis brothers: a single strike was all it took. But this bandit was given special treatment – somebody wanted him to suffer… Or did they? As the story unwinds we discover the truth about our mystery man and his ever-faithful companions Asfar, a white Arabian stallion and Shaheen the Falcon.