Bed & Biscuits

Bed & Biscuits provides a safe, healthy, and fun staying experience cared by an experienced team with many years of experience with family pets & working dogs. Located in a very well secured area within The Green Zone, Bed & Biscuits offers luxury, safety and fun holidays in its pets hotel facilities (dogs n cats), rooms are with private balconies or private windows overlooking the playgrounds,  monitored 24/7 by CCTV, 24/7 pet sitters, daily exercises & activities, socialization, agility, fun & harmony games while their owners will be constantly receiving updates with photos, videos & stories of their pet while in our care. Day care, professional dog training, pet grooming saloon, pickup and drop off, are also services provided by Bed & Biscuits. not to forget our exclusive pet shop with our exclusive brands @ the only Bed & Biscuits store. 2016-03-11 2016-03-11 2016-03-11 09-05-41